Curricular Activities

Role Play

There is no substitute for creative and imaginative play when it comes to teaching. Every child is born with an imagination. Allowing children to exercise their imagination enhances their creativity and creates better social understanding. This is the strength of children – their ability to pretend and fix problems with their imagination. To create a better understanding of various concepts, Shivjyotians are engaged in role plays. They become doctors, politicians and other community helpers and enact their lives. Through this activity, they develop love, respect, and appreciation for the world around them.

Debate Competitions

At Shiv Jyoti we encourage students to have their own opinion towards different subjects in the world. To enhance the way of expressing their thoughts and views on different subjects, we conduct debate competitions for our kids.

Circle Time

Circle time is the time when friendship blossoms as children interact, socialize and share their thoughts and experiences with each other. Various activities are designed, creating opportunities for kids to experience the joy of talking and communicating with each other. On a regular day, the teacher and children gather together in a circle to create a rich weave of rhymes, games and songs. Developing social, emotional, and personal skills are some of the primary objectives of the Circle Time. The activity also fosters problem solving skills, language building and confidence as children are encouraged to express their views freely.

Rhymes and Songs Sessions

We conduct many Rhymes and Songs sessions in the school which includes, Hindi and English rhymes, patriotic songs session, Bollywood fun, and many more. This helps in development of coordination, love and understanding towards music, helps in increasing memory.

Self-Care Activities

Self-care refers to the activities and practices that can help you to reduce your stress and enhance your overall well-being essentially, proactively taking care of yourself in order to be successful inside and outside the classroom. So kids are taught about Self Caring through so many activities in our school to make their day to day transitions easier and develop a healthy routine. Some of those activities conducted in school are:

  • Dental Health Activity
  • Washing the hands
  • Lacing the shoes
  • Brushing own hair

Language Development Activities

It is said that the major areas of growth for a perfect progression are self-confidence and critical thinking. Innate skill can be honed for a better future by conducting Public Speaking activities for kids which naturally enhance their different areas of life. Our motto behind conducting such activities is to provide a platform to kids exposing their different opinions. Activities are:

  • Story Telling with Prop
  • Show and Tell
  • Self-Introduction
  • English and Hindi Recitation
  • Role Play
  • Fancy Dress Competition

Environmental Activities

INature provides countless opportunities for discovery, creativity and problem solving. To allow children learning by doing and experimenting with ideas our teachers conduct various activities ensuring the development of their inquisitive minds. Let’s have a glimpse of few activities.

  • House Come Alive
  • Fish Aquarium
  • Earth Day Activity
  • Parts of a plant
  • Garden Visit
  • Nesting the bird